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Ask about our assortment of glass textures and patterns for your bathrooms windows and doors. Popular glass patterns include Rain, Reeded, Gluechip, and Frosted.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Help control energy inside and out with a full range of Low-E products formulated for every North American region and climate.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: High-strength glass that helps protect against violent storms and break-ins.

SOUND CONTROL: Glass solutions that reduce noise from traffic, construction, neighbors and airports.

FADE AND UV PROTECTION: Products that block 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays for superior fade protection

PRIVACY: Acid-etched, patterned glass substrates and more.

SOLAR SCREENS can be applied to most existing windows to eliminate up to 90 percent of the sun’s heat thereby reducing cooling bills.  

Available in a variety of different shades and colors and solar screens have three important characteristics.

SHADING: The amount of shade created between the solar screen and exterior pane of glass.

REFLECTIVITY: The ability to reflect the sun’s rays of light off of the screen.

ABSORPTION: The heat is absorbed and held into the screen material itself, then dispersed back into the air away from the glass.


  • Easily installed on the outside of almost any window
  • Can be removed for cleaning or to let in the winter sunshine
  • Can reduce fading of furniture, carpets, fabrics and other materials
  • Solar screens provide daytime privacy… you can see out but they can’t see in.

Let Glass Designs Plus help with your Insulated Glass requirements. Insulated Glass windows consist of two sheets of glass separated by a sealed air space. The air space acts as insulation, preventing heat or air-conditioning from escaping, Glass Designs Plus can calculate the thickness of glass your application requires and whether additional coatings, such as Low-E, should be used. Our glass comes in a variety of tints and colors, as well.

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Insulated Glass Units

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Window Repair and Glass Replacement

Specialty ANd Decorative Glass

With our extensive training and multi-faceted experience and commitment to our clientele, we ensure that every project adds value to your home or business, in addition to visual appeal and top-quality craftsmanship.

Our goal is to provide name-brand products and the highest quality service all at a great low price. We’re committed to ensuring you never have to compromise on quality when it comes to new windows, doors, shower enclosures, and more.

Glass Designs Plus use their 20+ years of combined industry experience to ensure you get the best workmanship on everything from glass, mirrors, solar screens, and window replacement installations to custom framed and frameless shower enclosures. We specialize in the following:

  • Window Repair and Glass Replacement
  • Insulated (double pane) Glass Units
  • Shower/ Bath Glass Enclosures
  • Glass Table Tops and Shelves
  • Specialty and Decorative Glass
  • Solar and Bug Screens​
  • Windows and Doors

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Our Services

Our frameless shower doors are manufactured from the finest quality tempered safety glass with highly polished edges. All hinges, glass clips and handles are solid brass with finishes that will never fade or wear off. Single sided and back-to-back towel bars and door handles for shower doors are available in a variety of finishes. Some of the most popular include brass, chrome, brushed nickel and gold plated. 

Glass Designs Plus offers you the finest quality in bathroom shower enclosures, custom frameless shower doors, bathroom accessories, shower hardware and bathroom cleaning supplies. 

​Our goal is to assist you in designing and installing shower enclosures that will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bathroom.​

A frameless shower enclosure creates an open spacious effect in any bathroom. So, whether you're building a new home or remodeling, we can provide you with a framed or frameless shower enclosure that will enhance the value of your home. 

Broken windows do not have to break your spirits if you let us take care of them for you.

Glass Designs Plus specializes in single and double-pane replacement glass. 

Schedule one of our capable technicians to replace that dangerous broken glass in your window quickly. Spare the costly expense of having a window company remove and replace your entire window unit when you can replace only the glass if it’s broken, cracked, or foggy.